About Target Response

Company Details

Company: Target Response

Registered Office: 90 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1QN

Trading Location: Galleys Wood, Honeypot Lane, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6QH

Telephone: +44 (0) 1732 866122

Web Address: www.target-response.co.uk

VAT Reg. No: 424904557

ICO Reg. No: Z5843106 (registered on 9th November 2001)

Founded: May 1985

Other Information

  • Target Response subscribes to the TPS, CTPS and MPS.

  • All our data is researched in the United Kingdom with well trained staff and we do not have any data processing performed outside the EU. No data therefore leaves the area requiring UK/EU legislation compliance at any stage during the research.
  • Target Response has been a member of both the Meetings Industry Association and the British Promotional Merchandise Association since 1993. Target Response does not use cloud storage or cloud services.
  • Personal Data Policy


    • Target Response is committed to the protection of the rights and freedoms of data subjects whose personal data are contained within the supplied direct marketing products. Target Response shall always comply with the requirements of the laws concerning data protection and personal data protection.

    • Responsibility to Data Subjects

      • Target Response shall be open and honest about how personal data will be used and that personal data will only be used to market products and services which are considered relevant to the data subject in a professional capacity.

      • Target Response shall make reasonable efforts to validate the identity of client organisations to ensure personal data is not released to any party who may not intend to respect the rights and freedoms of the data subject.
      • Target Response shall explain the rights the data subject has, and how to exercise them.
      • Target Response shall be respectful of the preferences every data subject has about how they should be communicated with.

    • Target Response shall make reasonable efforts to ensure personal data is accurate and to identify and rectify inaccuracies as soon as possible.
    • Target Response shall retain the personal data for as long as it is believed accurate and relevant.
    • Target Response shall keep the personal data of data subjects confidential and secure using appropriate technological and organisational measures, including but not limited to, physical security, cyber security, firewalls, backups, data access restriction, encryption and pseudonymisation.
    • Target Response shall ensure the personal data of data subjects is only released to third parties in accordance with our terms & conditions.

    Privacy Policy

    Business Contact Information

    • We may hold business contact information about you if you are a decision maker in an organisation in the UK. We provide this information to organisations who wish to promote their products or services using direct marketing to decision makers in UK organisations. Your information can only be used where the product or service being promoted could be relevant to you in your professional capacity.

    • We want to respect your wishes about how and if you are contacted. We record how you prefer to receive direct marketing communications, whether by post, by phone or by email. You may also tell us you do not wish to be contacted at all, and we will respect your wishes.
    • The personal information we hold may include your name, job title, work email address, company name, work address and work telephone number. There is no sensitive data involved. The personal data processed by Target Response is not likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subjects, so a 'Data Protection Impact Assessment' is not required.

    Further Information

    The legal basis for processing your data is 'legitimate interest', because Target Response benefits commercially from licensing direct marketing data.

    We do not use your personal data for any automated decision making or profiling.

    Your rights concerning your personal data are:

    • You can ask to see the personal data we hold about you and we will show you free of charge.

    • We will update the personal data to correct errors when you tell us about them.
    • We will supply you with a CSV version of the personal data we hold about you if you ask us to.
    • We will stop processing your personal data if you tell us to.
    • We will delete your personal data if you tell us to although we may find your details again later, and if we have no record of you we may contact you again. Most people who wish us not to contact them or supply their personal data find asking us to stop processing their personal data is a preferable solution.

    We collect your personal data by telephoning your organisation. We seek to understand how you wish to receive professionally relevant direct marketing by asking you. If we are unable to speak to you personally we will take this information from a colleague who considers they have the authority to provide this information. We will update your details and preferences and will remind you of your rights.

    Where Target Response has provided another company with a licence to use your data for marketing, the company using your data is required to delete it when the license is no longer valid.

    If you don’t feel we are being fair with you, please tell us as we would like to correct this.

    If you prefer you may tell the UK regulator, Information Commissioners Office (www.ico.org.uk).

    In compliance with the legislation concerning personal information, your business information was obtained and/or checked when a member of the Target Response staff conducted a telephone research interview with you or a member of staff at your organisation. As part of this process your personal details have been checked and we have attempted to understand your role and your preferences about how you wish your data to be controlled. Where we have been unable to speak directly to you a colleague of yours empowered to tell us your preferences did so and we have recorded them.

    We will keep the data for as long as we believe that it is accurate & up to date and that it reflects your preferences. In order to do this, we will normally re-contact you on a frequency that is less than every 12 months. This may be much sooner if we believe that your data has changed.

    Before we license your data to a company to use for marketing we will advise the licensee to use your data in a way that respects your preferences. Target Response also ensures that the product or service they wish to market is professionally relevant to you. This might be because of the type, size or location of the organisation that you work in or because you are the right person for certain sets of decisions based on factors like your role, seniority and responsibilities.

    The aim is to facilitate marketing that is relevant and helpful to you in your professional role.

    Information Security Policy

    • Target Response shall make reasonable efforts to ensure information is only disclosed to people with a valid reason to have access to it.

    • Target Response shall operate reasonable technological and organisational protection against viruses, malware and other undesired technological exploits.
    • Target Response shall take regular backups of key data and systems.

    Data subjects’ reasonable expectations

    During the research process Target Response explains to the data subject or an empowered colleague that the intended use is to provide the data to other organisations for them to send ‘professionally relevant’ direct marketing communications. Target Response also asked for the contact preferences of the data subject meaning the methods by which the communications could be delivered, specifically post, telephone or email. Target Response has tried to the best of its ability to make the data subject aware of the potential usage of the data.

    Collecting Personal Data

    We always offer our company details, and details of where to find our privacy policy. For over 38 years Target Response has been a UK company providing businesses with direct marketing services to help them promote their products and services. Most professionals rely on being kept up to date about new products or services to help them achieve their business objectives. We believe direct marketing is an important tool, but should respect the wishes of the recipient.