• The Target Response website does not retain much information about visitors to our website. Where information is collected we will state why we need it. Where there is a request to receive information we simply need to know how to contact the requestor.

  • Target Response does not keep credit or debit card details.

Business Contact Information

  • Target Response is the data controller and the Data Protection Officer is Simon Tilley.

  • We hold business contact data of individuals who are decision makers in UK based organisations. We provide this information to other organisations for the direct marketing of their products or services. A data subject’s personal information will only be provided to an organisation whose products or services are deemed relevant to the data subject’s job function.
  • We collect personal data by telephoning the data subject’s organisation. We ask how the data subject prefers to receive professionally relevant direct marketing. This can be a choice of direct mail, telephone, email or none at all. All telephone calls are recorded and stored securely.
  • Occasionally Target Response will source data from third party data vendors. All of these third party data vendors have been carefully vetted by Target Response to ensure that their data has been collected in compliance with GDPR regulations, and that the data subjects have been informed about their rights and what would happen with their data.
  • The personal data we hold is the data subject’s name, job title, business postal address, business telephone number and a business email address. We do not use any personal data for automated decision making or profiling.
  • All of our data subjects have the following rights:
    • The right to ask to see the personal data of them we hold and we are obliged to show this information to them free of charge. This information will be sent securely to the data subject in CSV format.
    • The right to ensure that the data of them we keep is accurate and up to date.
    • The right to withdraw consent for Target Response to process the data subject’s information and the right to object to processing of the data.
    • The right to total data erasure. Target Response will delete the data subject’s data if told to do so by the data subject. The law says that we must not contact a data subject again if asked not to. This means that we might need to retain certain contact details to ensure that suppression is maintained.
  • All data subjects have the right to complain to the UK regulator which is the Information Commissioner’s Office (
  • The legal basis for processing personal data is Legitimate Interest. Target Response benefits from licencing the data, our business partners benefit from marketing their products and services and the data subject benefits by receiving offers relevant to their particular job function.
  • Appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure that all personal data is stored securely. These safeguards include but are not limited to firewalls, encryption and compliance to various industry standards.
  • None of our data is sent outside of the European Economic Area unless it is to a territory that provides an adequate level of protection under GDPR.
  • Target Response will keep the data for as long as we believe it is accurate and up to date, and that it reflects the data subject’s preferences. In order to do this we will normally contact the data subject on a frequency less or equal to every 12 months. We will contact the data subject sooner if we believe the data may have changed.
  • The Target Response privacy policy applies only to the Target Response website. Any external links are subject to that organisation’s privacy policy and not ours.
  • Our Privacy Policy is updated and reviewed on a regular basis in order to continuously comply with current legislation.
  • In compliance with the legislation concerning personal information, our data subjects’ business information is obtained when a member of the Target Response research team conducts a tele-research interview with the data subject or a member of staff at the organisation. As part of this process the data subject’s personal details have been checked and we have attempted to understand the data subject’s role within their organisation and their preferences as to how they wish their data to be controlled.
  • Before Target Response licences the data subject’s data to a company to use for marketing purposes we will ensure that the product or service being marketed is professionally relevant to the data subject.
  • To update your data, change your preferences or request a copy of what information Target Response holds about you please email or call 01732 866122. It is free to do so.
    • Customers

      • We hold information about customers to enable us to contact you.

      • The personal information we hold is your name, business address, job title, telephone number and an email address.
      • Target Response do not store credit or debit card details.
      • Target Response will continue to attempt to contact customers after they have ceased being an active customer for what we consider to be a reasonable period of time. A customer can ask us to refrain from contacting them at any time
      • Customer information is only disclosed to employees of Target Response.


      • We hold information about suppliers to enable us to contact you.

      • The personal information we hold is your name, job title, telephone number and an email address.
      • Target Response will continue to hold suppliers’ personal details for what we consider to be a reasonable period of time.
      • Supplier information is only disclosed to employees of Target Response.


      • We hold information about our employees to enable us to employ, remunerate and manage their work.

      • We keep records of time and attendance. This is used to keep employees safe in case of fire or other threats.